Progard has a range of portable tents that are flexible, light-weight and free-standing suitable for a wide variety of jobs and tasks that need to be carried out on-site.

Transitent – an innovate product from Progard, the basic Transitent has a closed uncut external entrance, increased flexibility and offers a unique improved protection barrier.  The Progard Airlock Transitent is conveniently packed within an easy carry format allowing portability between sites.  It is easily constructed by simply joining the frame together and slotting poles into the Transitent thus creating a strong protective structure.

Supertent – The 3-stage Supertent is part of the new range of Progard Airlocks; they offer an effective solution for the removal of hazardous materials which reduces the risk of exposure and adheres to health and safety regulations.  The Supertent is held within a flat pack handheld bag allowing easy transportation.  Progard have designed their Supertent to offer a strong level of protection; in addition to the Transitent the Supertent consists of a zip-lock D-Door feature as well as weighted internal doorways and flaps which avoid the risk of exposure.

Speedtent – The Progard Speedtent illustrates a pioneering approach to the removal of hazardous materials within different industries.  As with all of the Progard tents the Speedtent is packed securely within an easy to carry flat pack format; it is easily assembled and still provides protection whilst being simple and easy to use.  In addition the Speedtent includes a flange system to enable the tent to be attached to the enclosure externally using Progard PCL cloth tape.