Progard is one of the leading suppliers of hazardous material removal products in the UK and Europe. Our range is able to offer everything needed to meet ever-changing demands within environments that are both difficult and dangerous to operate in.

We have established an excellent reputation within the industry for offering a flexible, reliable service while not compromising on customer satisfaction. Our PPE products are of a very high quality, offering excellent strength and protective properties at an extremely cost effective price.

Client satisfaction is of paramount importance which is why Progard has chosen SMH Products as our leading distributor within the UK and Europe. SMH Products is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of equipment, products and services to all industries and sectors where workers are at risk of contamination. A UK based company, SMH has enjoyed rapid growth and expansion over the last few years; with nine regional sales and service branches across the UK, as well as branches in France, Spain, and Australia, SMH can provide Progard products where you need them.


Comfort and Protection

Disposable coveralls are available in many different styles, providing options regarding the amount of protection workers need for each specific job. For example, optional clothing components such as hoods and boots give you complete coverage, reducing the risk of injury and contamination to the head, face and feet, without reducing the overall quality of the garment. Because many of the fabrics used in the construction of this clothing are lightweight and breathable, workers benefit from the reduced risk of heat stress and heat-related fatigue, without compromising the strength and durability of the garment, allowing them to withstand heavy-duty spills. Workers in any industry can remain comfortable and safe when wearing disposable coveralls.


Disposable clothing from Progard has a very wide range of uses: painting and clean up; pesticide spraying; work with fiberglass; automotive repair; laboratory work; forensics collection; dry chemical applications; agricultural; contamination control; environmental clean up; general construction and much, much more.


As more and more companies shift their focus toward sustainable practiced and reducing waste, utilizing recycled garments provide a viable opportunity to reuse the materials used in protective garments. While disposable coveralls are ideal for single-use applications, they can also be recycled and reused to retain their safety qualities while reducing waste.By having these materials professionally cleaned, reconditioned and tested to make sure that they are still strong enough to protect against harsh elements, you increase the longevity of the material used in these garments, and reduce your overall waste.By wearing recycled coveralls, workers can be confident that they are not only protecting their own skin,they are protecting the environment.